woman facial business

posted on 01 Apr 2009 19:38 by yuyyozikgmz
I've got nothing special than others at all,i'm juz one of those girl who really cares of her looks and personality!
Somes said i'm too vain juz cuz they saw me used the mirror a few times. Well,the looks is one of woman business,to b honest!
The cosmetic organization & beauty make heaps of money for sure! It's funny how woman not afaird of paying for their looks!
That's obviously right,the looks is extremely massive these days.i do admit that i'm one of them,cosmetic is a mask but so confidences! There r nothg wrong wiv it .Models&actress on the tv leads our eyes and build up a self-important in our mind.
Beauty motivates woman! We all wanna do look beautiful as all time
As if we spoil ourselves little bit by bits
Such as :
Spa hairdressing manicures
There is temporary self-satisfaction..
It wont last long and that we think it worths money
By the way ,i've got a few of my girl friends who always hav to hav make up on.buy heaps of shoes&clothes
I dunt mean to say that all of woman r shopaholic yet i meant that's how really working in this constant changing world.
Guys,if u really do open ur eyes up and c . Guys like the good looking woman,obviously! The first thg or the first impression must b the looks! Juz admit it! I dunt believe u if u said the first thg that u look for is characters.that's juz bullshit

Ahh anyway
I better go off to bed now
Gd nite,guys