bullshit paradise

posted on 04 Apr 2009 18:26 by yuyyozikgmz
i'm going to get a guitar soon

I'll need someone to help me work out how to paly it wahaha

I lay here thinking

I miz thailand and thai foodz lol

It has been a really time

Hav u ever felt like that?
Nowhere is as good as home..

Who can u really trust?

Oversea is not that great,people!
Think carefully before u choose to come oversea

There r fun stuffs and ridiculous stuffz also
So,make sure u r really want to do it

I talked wiv my really old friend today and i had no idea
Wtf did i say?


I've been swearing way too much

It's no good,such a bad habit indeed

I miz who i were
I'm not that strong now


Today,i've juz realised that i CAN NOT stand when people say dumb thing lol

Someone called me at my home number today
And asked me where i were ? Wtf was that?


The world is getting worse and worse

I'm saying i'm not dumb
But sometimes,somethg that is sooo obvious

Is not meant to b asked.isnt it?

However, exteen is my new hiding world

My imaginary space..
My very own bullshit paradise =)