it started with a kiss

posted on 08 Apr 2009 17:28 by yuyyozikgmz
after i watched this taiwanese series

I can feel that i got back to my teenage feeling...

A feeling of one side of love
A feeling of obsession
A feeling of coldness
A feeling of breaking

I was crying so many times with this movies
It's one of those movie that a woman would wish to b the actress in its series.

These make me think of ''twilight''
Bella must b the luckiest girl ever.If edward exists..

In the other hand,if u were edward and u could live forever
What would u live for?
When u could stay young forever and u had that heart breaking smiles..

What would u do?

Would u use ur beauty to leads people give their blood to u/?
Would u scared of people called u up as a ''vampire''?


It's all the same thing
Especially for woman which hav a very deep sensitivity..

Cry easily
Get deep into the character
I know cuz i do
I know how it likes

... In 'it started with a kiss''
A girl loves a really cold guy for 3 yrs
But he's not even into her
Times pass,he gets to know her more..
Even tho she 's not clever/always clumsy
And cant even cook
But he's always help her at the end..

He's the other way around wiv her
He's a genius and has 200 I.Q.

But at then end, he chose what he needs which is ''her''

There was many thg that they hav been through
And they made me cry

It sounds silly
But it really does,brings me to deep emotional ...

Love it !





beautiful feeling~!

I've never watched it started with a kiss but love twilight. I think Edward is a hot guy but he must be sad for long time

To live forever that mean he must have a suffering more than everyone --so sad

When I read ur entry I see u have a really nice thoght surprised smile

p.s. My english is not good lol >__< .I don't know ur computer can read thai or not but I wanna post some comment. question

Happy Songkran day ka

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