posted on 14 Apr 2009 17:36 by yuyyozikgmz
it's a thai new year

We all r supposed to have fun

What r those red shirt people doing? ruining the country??

It's juz non-sense

I feel ashame =(

If someone asks me where i'm come from..
I would answer it reluctantly..

Yes,i'm from thailand
The country which used to b called ''amazing thailand''

However,i saw someone call thailand as '' a retard country to b avoided''
It's a shame on us...

Thanks goodness,i'm not in thailand.,..
I wouldnt feel safe in bangkok at all

How can thai youth growing up living in a war that called ''home''?
How can a little children grow up to b fully mature adult when they r surrender by violence/blood??

For those red shirt people..r u all satisfied now??

Red/yellow/blue.. So,what's next??

We r thai.

We have the same home

We r not supposed to step our feet on each other.right?

I cant c any advantage on this flighting

It juz makes other country think of thai as a idiot.

I saw the news here

Every hour,there r thai politic news,..
Shame on us.

When'll this all end??

For thaksin,u r heartless

U r so cruel

How the hell can u see people flighting??
Juz beacuse of u

Thailand is country for everyone there

But how could u destroy it?

How could u c the country that u were born breaking in front of u?

I believe in karma!

It will not b your turn forever

Peace please.....

P.s. This entry is only personal opinion

And i juz wish i could change someone mind to think of oour country more..




i juz saw your comment in my blog
thx for that, ok?
agree wit u too
u'r lucky u weren't here
i was here and still am here
and that's pretty sucks -_-"

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ผม "โคตรอาย" ต่างประเทศเลย

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