posted on 28 Apr 2009 17:22 by yuyyozikgmz
it has been a while since my last update

A lot of thingz hav been coming through my lifee
I've got heaps of assignment and shitz to b done

A lot of paper works from college


Been pickin on my teacher who has always been all over the place.

That's a pity

Everythg seem to getting under my skin
Soo frustrating

I dunt know sinch when i'm getting cranky

But i juz cant get some people
I were in the bus this moring and there was a girl who's in the bus
And she was ''SHARING'' her bloody damn loud music for the whole bus :(
For god's sake

And this afternoon,guess wat?
I was sitting and wait for the bus

There was a guy came in and sat next to me . After that,he start smokingg
Wtff is wrong wiv people manners thess days?/





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